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Laszlo's Lengthy List of Luxury Smokes

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Cigaret Brands Subjectively Rated:

*1 : mundane; good for curiosity-value
*2: quality; a cut above the ordinary
*3 : standout; character sets it at least somewhat apart
*4 : impressive; distinctive & high-quality, but not quite superlative
*5 : astonishing; unique & well-rounded, you *feel* the luxury
*?!: too damn weird to even *try* rating
+ : merit for impressive/classy package
- : demerit for bland/cheezy package

no "*": a probably-defunct brand, at least in the U.S. market tell me if you discover a highly-rated "defunct" brand anywhere!)
"n-f" : non-filter
"oval": ovalized (flattened) non-filter
[name]: the cigaret's maker, which might or might not be considered as part of the cigaret's full brand-name.

Flavour Impressions:

- Virginia: "high notes"; generally bright, tangy, sweet, hay-like
- Oriental: "middle notes"; a vegetabley-sweet mellowness
- Kentucky: "low notes"; dark, earthy, like a campfire
- Turkish : piquant; indescribable, like a mesquite Barbecue??
- "mellow": a creamy, plush, "round" quality
- "rich": full-bodied and -flavoured, hearty, substantial
- "mild": tame and subtle; light, gossamer

NOTE: For brands offered in degrees of "lightness", assume I've only tried the full-flavour version unless otherwise noted.

*3American Spirit (filter & n-f)clean, leafy, strong
*3++Andron Gold+Black 102s [Georgopulo]"green", piquant Turkish
*4++Andron (Oval) [Georgopulo]ditto, but smoother
5Balkan Sobranie Turkish Ovals [Georgopulo]very smooth; nutty
*1Benson & Hedges DeLuxeN/A
5+Black & Gold [Charles Fairmorn]very mellow; spicy, nutty
*2Black Deathnutty
*4+Black Russian [Sobranie]strong, spicy; Turkish notes
2Botschafter [Dimitrino]dry, austere Turkish
2+Bush Campaign '88 (?!)mellow
*3Canadian Express Lightvery mild Virginia
3Carillos [Sobranie]dark, spicy, cigar-like
*3-Carroll's Number 1mild Virginia
*1++Cartier VendomeBORING ultra-light
*4 +Cocktail [Sobranie]Black Russian w/ coloured papers
1-Collorysweird flavour; coloured papers
*2-Craven "A"mild Virginia
*3++Davidoff Classicsweet, smooth, rich, mild
*3++Davidoff Magnumsbright Virginia
*3 +Delicados (ovalados)rich; sweet, nutty aftertaste
*2Ducadosdark, cigarlike; a SMOOTH Gauloises
*3Ducados Rubiofairly sweet Virginia
*3duMaurier Special Mildsmellow Virginia
*2+Dunhill InternationalN/A
*2Dunhill LightsN/A
*2English Ovalspotent Virginia
*2Ernte 23N/A
*3Export "A" [MacDonald's]N/A
*3Free Spiritsweet, leafy additive-free Virginia
*1Gauloises (filter)HARSH, very nutty, pungent
*2Gauloises Blondesnutty, mellow
*2Gitane (filter)like Gauloises, but kinder
*3Gitane Blondeschocolatey
2 +GorbatchowN/A
2Go To Hell!the cigaret with a message
*3HB [House of Bergmann]just generally pleasant
*3+JBR [James B. Russell]mellow, sweet Virginia
*2+John Player Specialsnutty, spicy
1 -Johnny Filterweird low-grade Turkish
*2Lambert & Butlerboring stockbroker's cigaret
*3Major Extra Size [Carroll's]mild Virginia
*2Matineelike newly-sawn wood
*4Mild Seven Internationalvery smooth Virginia
*4+Peter Stokkebyerich Virginia & Oriental
1Peter StuyvesantN/A
2Pierre CardinTurkish notes?
*2Player's Navy Cut (n-f) [J.Player]Virginia
*3Player's Navy Cut (n-f) [P.Morris]Virginia
*1 -Prince of BlendsN/A
5Rainbow [Charles Fairmorn]Black & Golds w/ coloured papers
*3 +Rameses II (filter & n-f)tangy Turkish
*1-+Rave [Sampoerna(!)]strong, tangy, potent
*2-+Rave Lightsmild Virginia?
*3Rothman'ssalty Virginia
*3Samsun InternationalTurkish pretending to be Virginia?
3Senior Service (n-f)nutty, mild Virginia
*3 -Seven Starsa stronger Mild Seven
4 +Shepheard's Hotel [Dimitrino]sweet Oriental & Virginia
3Sherman's Casinosstrong Virginia
*4++Sherman's Classicsweet, smooth, rich
*3Sherman's Fantasia (6.5"!)med-dark, nutty, mild
*4Sherman's Havana Ovalsstrong, rich, sweet, dark, spicy
3Sherman's Hint of Mintsmoke passed thru mint crystals
*4Sherman's MCDrich, sweet, spicy, Turkish hints?
*3 +Silk Cutmild Virginia
5Silver Brown Rounds ("paperless"!)rich,mellow,sweet,tangy,cigar-ish
3 +Sobranie Virginiatangy, bold Virginia
*2St. Moritzfairly mellow and bright
*2State Express 555nutty
*2 +SuperkingsN/A
*5 +Sweet Afton [Carroll's]super-mild smooth Virginia
1 -Texas Lightslike cardboard
*4 +Turkish Special (filter, n-f, oval)rich, nutty Turkish
*3Vernon (filter & n-f)bright Virginia
1YSL Ritzyer basic PM light 100; yawn
2 -Djarum (orange pack) (n-f)N/A
5Djarum Bravosweet, chocolatey
*4 +Djarum International (n-f)BIG, very sweet
2Djarum Lightsoxymoronic
*3Djarum Specialsweet, rich
*3Djarum Splashsweet, milder
*5 +Djarum Supersweet, rich, heady
1Free (non-tobacco)like campfire-roasted hot dogs
*2Gudang Garam Kretekrather austere
*4Gudang Garam Professionalvery sweet
*3Honeyrose Ginsengsweet, very mellow
*3Honeyrose Herbalditto
*3Ginseng [Hsiang Yang]cirtusy-sweet
*3Jakarta Kretek (filter & n-f)mellow, smooth, subtle
3 +Jasmine [Sobranie]perfumed; feminine & different
*3 +Jezebel Gardeniaperfumed; vaguely talcum-ish
1Jin Jiannasty tobacco-herbal mixture
*?!Kailas Strawberry Bidisvery strange, love-hate
3Krakatoa Kretek Slims (n-f)N/A
3Rothschilds Brandydark, not much brandy
4Rothschilds Rosevery rosey, sweet
*2Sampoerna Tegar (n-f)short, fat, austere
*3 +Samponera Mildless clove kick
*3 +Samponera Mentholneat flavour combo
*3 +Samponera Exclusivea bit bland
*3 +Samponera Internationalditto
*5 +Samponera 45 Patmachocolatey, rich, sweet
*4 +Samponera X-Traheady, sweet
*4 +Samponera 234 Filterditto
*4Samponera 234 Handrolled (n-f)ditto
*?!Sher Bidi (filter & n-f)like a pine forest
3Terong KretekN/A
*4American Spiritclean, leafy, strong
*?!American Spirit Pow-Wow Blendchunky, minty-herby, odd
*2Bali Shag Goldenmild, hay-like Virginia
*3Bali Shag Half-Zwaretoasty Kentucky w/ Virginia
*3Bosse's Premium Handrollingsweet, zesty, rich Virginia
5 +Casablanca [Poschl's]tangy, sweet, zesty Virginia
*2Drum Lightlike decaf; something missing
*1Edward's RYOharsh but sweet
*1GauloisesHARSH, pungent, very nutty
*4Holland Housedark, mellow, chocolatey
*3Jestera shade brighter/zestier than Drum
*3Kinni-Kinnick Ceremonialhoney Virginia w/ Native Amer. herbs
4LightHousesweet, mellow Virginia & Oriental
1LLF [L Lacroix Fils]weird low-grade Turkish
*3Lotzbeck Mildvery mild Virginia; like hay
*2Lotzbeck Wurzigaustere, dark Kentucky
*2McClintock [Stokkebye]austere Virginia
*3Norwegian Shag [TinderBox]fairly mellow
*5Old Holbornsweet, dark, molasses-like
5 +Prawdasweet, dark, zesty, rich
*1Roll Richdevoid of flavour/aspirin aftertaste
*3[Stokkebye Medium (bulk)]zestier Drum with Oriental
*3Samsona shade darker than Drum
*5 +Three Castlesdelicate, mild, appley-sweet
*3The Turnerdark, mellow, peppery Kentucky
*4Uhle's Cigarette Blendfairly mellow, sweet
*2Van Nelle Zwarebrusque-yet-light roasty Kentucky
*0Zig-Zagflavourless throat-sandpaper

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